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help! am I starving dd?

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BaconAndEggs Tue 25-Aug-09 22:08:49

Just been perusing the "judgey" thread in chat and read someone saying they judge people feeding toddlers low fat diets...ANYWAY...

DD eats lots of fruit, lots of veg, potatoes, pasta, bread (white and wholemeal), rice, chicken, fish, red meat, eggs.. she does have cheese most days (doesn't like yoghurt or full fat cows milk; is also still breastfed). She's 16 months. We don't give her much junk type food though she has bits of ice cream or cake if we are eating them in front of her. We don't give her much processed foods as I'm paranoid about salt. Her "treats" on a day to day basis are organix rice cakes or fruit bars.

Does this sound like too much of a low fat diet (though she does have cheese!) If so, what else should I be giving her?

Thank you!

MrsBadger Tue 25-Aug-09 22:15:14

if she is eating cheese, meat and eggs she is probably doing ok, she'll get a bit of fat from bm too.

do you butter her bread (not necc with actual butter, but not with reduced-fat stuff)?
Put Philadelphia on it? or peanut butter? hummus?

the real question is how is dd?
has she lots of energy? is she growing out of her clothes?
is she a skinnymalink or a chubster slight or sturdy? If the latter you are obv doing nothing wrong so carry on. If the former and people tut and make 'more meat on a butcher's pencil' type then perhapps consider more liberal buttering...

cornsillk Tue 25-Aug-09 22:19:38

Cheese, red meat, pasta and bread aren't low fat. Sounds like a healthy diet to me. I add a bit of olive oil to my ds's rice /pasta.

BaconAndEggs Tue 25-Aug-09 22:19:58

Thanks MrsBadger. Sometimes I put philadelphia on her bread, she's not a fan of peanut butter, sometimes she has it with unsalted butter and sometimes plain. Haven't tried hummus - I will though, good idea!.
She's following her line perfectly - 25th centile, lots of energy, looks average to slight I'd say but dh and I were both light as children. Not really skinnymalink or chubster really!

BaconAndEggs Tue 25-Aug-09 22:20:29

thank you cornsilk - olive oil to pasta is a good idea.

moaningminniewhingesagain Tue 25-Aug-09 22:32:19

My DD is quite slim too - she has a similar diet to yours really but possibly with more cake and chocolate/icecream - I am BF the 8mo so we both have plenty of treats at the momentblush but I am avoiding processed food because of salt too (BLW the baby), so tend to have 'proper' meat/veg at teatimes, sandwiches/cheese on toast type things at lunchtime. She has weetabix for breakfast and sometimes fruit as well.

I use lurpak spreadable on all bread/toast as I don't like margerine, give lots of fruit/yogurt and then add cake as like a second pudding sometimes, so modest portions.
I wouldn't worry about not having enough junk food grin, it sounds v healthy, but if you wanted to give extra calories maybe homemade cookies/flapjacks/pancakes, wholesome puddings like fruit crumble with custard, bananas with custard. Fish pie rather than plain fish. I made homemade fish fingers the other day and they turned out really well. We often have homemade oven chips too, sort of healthy but v tasty.

SandyChick Thu 27-Aug-09 21:10:13

Hello, i agree with moaningminni.

My ds has just turned 2. He eats a good balanced diet. He is quite skinny (think he's just under 50th centile)but he's tall too and very active as most toddlers are. I've started trying to 'fatten' him up so im a bit more relaxed on treats. As long as he eats a balanced diet i let him have the odd packet of crisps/sweets.

I make flapjacks, banana bread, fairy cakes etc. I make little jellies with fruit.

I buy full fat versions of soft cheese, houmus etc.

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