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My first butternut squash

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SPARKLER1 Sun 29-May-05 22:28:00

Bought one the other day. Any ideas of what to do with it? Label says to peel, cut into cubes and roast. What is the taste like?

Yorkiegirl Sun 29-May-05 22:30:37

Message withdrawn

WigWamBam Sun 29-May-05 22:31:08

It's nice. Roast it with other veg - parboil cubes of carrot, parsnip and squash, add mushrooms and peppers if you like, coat them in olive oil, season with salt and pepper and roast for 25 minutes.

NannyJo Sun 29-May-05 22:31:24

mashed in with potato is nice but i would say roasting with some olive oil and rosemary would be nicest.

Aero Sun 29-May-05 22:32:06

Absolutely delicious! They are very sweet and work well roasted with other veg in a bit of olive oil. Can also be baked like a potato and are fab wrapped in foil and cooked on the BBQ. HTH

SPARKLER1 Sun 29-May-05 22:33:31

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum.

gossifer Sun 29-May-05 22:33:37

don't bother peeling it
slice in half lengthways, scoop out the seeds (delicioous cleaned and then roasted in olive oil)
then slice into long wedges, about 8-10, place all in a roasting tin dribble some olive oil and salt and pepper and a bit of dried chilli if you like spicy things, then roast at about 180 degrees for 30 mins until soft, can eat peel and all
i then sometimes slow roast cherry toms with this, chop up the squash into cubes and serve with pasta with parmesan and parsley on the top, and easy dinner
have fun!

sallystrawberry Sun 29-May-05 22:34:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gossifer Sun 29-May-05 22:42:32

sallys that sounds yum! will do

dabihp Sun 29-May-05 22:52:24

stick it in the oven for an hour (in its skin)

when cooked, cut and scoop out and fry up with onion and rasher... serve with blakc pepper, yummy!!!

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