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Oh dear - how many US cups makes 550g (1lb 4oz) please?

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TheProvincialLady Mon 24-Aug-09 19:55:09

My weighing scales have just broken and I need to make a loaf of bread. I can't find anywhere that tells me how much 550g/1lb 4oz of white bread flour would be in American cups (I have a set lurking at the back of the cupboard and it's the only thing I can think of).

Help please!

wem Mon 24-Aug-09 19:58:57

1 cup = 150g plain flour

so 3 and two thirds

TheProvincialLady Mon 24-Aug-09 20:01:31

Thank you very muchsmile

SomeGuy Tue 25-Aug-09 12:57:22

it seems to depened on the flour, but some googling suggests anywhere between 100 and 140 grams, most saying 110 grams.

stupid american measuring system

Scootergrrrl Tue 25-Aug-09 18:04:46

This might help for next time.

SomeGuy Tue 25-Aug-09 21:12:25

Yes and no, the problem is the specific flour. Apparently US and UK flour is different in density (British flour is denser). So the numbers listed on US sites will be wrong, in all probability.

JFly Tue 25-Aug-09 21:17:56

This is useful because it takes density into account. However you may have to look up typical density of UK all-purpose flour to get absolutely accurate results.

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