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If I make a curry with left over roast chicken from yesterday can I reheat it for DH...

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suiledonn Mon 24-Aug-09 12:05:47

or would it be better to leave some sauce with no chicken aside and add the chicken when reheating so the chicken only gets reheated once IYKWIM

PuppyLoves Mon 24-Aug-09 12:10:31

I make curry with left over chicken and then reheat it, sometimes it get reheated twice. I think as long as its piping hot its ok

AMumInScotland Mon 24-Aug-09 12:30:00

It will be fine to reheat it, so long as it's piping hot all the way through.

Fraochsmum Mon 24-Aug-09 12:50:30

It is absolutely fine, provided the chicken was cooked thoroughly initially and reheated to over 82 degrees centigrade. Always best to let it cool and store in the fridge to prevent bacteria growth smile

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