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DS who is 14 months old has just about stopped eating brekkie

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inscotland Mon 24-Aug-09 06:25:16

He used to have cereal, toast and fruit but now just has a little toast in the morning. Any suggestions? Everything else he just seems to throw on the floor. I am not too concerned as he does eat a fair bit at lunch and a pretty huge tea.

There really isn't anything he won't eat but with work etc I really don't have time to cook stuff as a test in the morning (or is that me being lazy!)

We BLW if that helps.

Harimosmummy Mon 24-Aug-09 06:43:30


My 14MO loves porridge with fruit mixed in.

Will quite happily eat that, followed by toast (we didn't / don't BLW but he's quite happy to feed himself with a spoon now)

It's just porridge that you add water too and then I add fruit to that and mix it up.

He then eats a good lunch (have just changed his routine so that he has lunch before his nap as he only naps once now) and then dinner is usually cottage pie or fish pie or lasagna at around 5:30

Then bath and bottle before having his teeth brushed for bed.

Sorry, you dodn't ask for a whole routine, did you??? blush


inscotland Mon 24-Aug-09 07:33:58

Don't worry - I like reading about how other mums have their children into a routine.

He shows no interest in cuttlery either - unless of course it is a spoon he can rattle loudly off a pot! If I give him a spoon to eat with he sticks it in the food and then waves it around like a balloon and then laughs.

Lizzzombie Mon 24-Aug-09 07:51:11

My 30 month old is rubbish at eating breakfast.
I have more or less given up on it.
He will drink some milk at breakfast time, and when I am out in the morning he will eat a banana in the buggy.
I have given up worrying about it. If he was hungry he would eat.
I have also found he is partial to a tea cake (no filling) which also he can eat on the go so I don't end up being late for work willing him to finish his cereal!
As for cutlery. He can use it, but doesn't very often. I think he gets bored using it as he can shovel more in his mouth using his hands.
If he is still doing this when he turns 3 then I may be concerned but for now, I am just happy when he eats!

motherbeyond Mon 24-Aug-09 10:17:00

my 18 month old ds is also doing this..he used to love breki, but then had bout of illness/teething,when he was off his food, and his appetite hasn't returned properly. i do fret,but if i took him to the gp or hv,they would laugh at me...he's a chubby little thing,still has the rings round his wrists and thigh's!!

he has milk when he wakes, sometimes he will have a bit of porrige or toast for breki,mostly refuses lunch,unless he has some homemade soup...tea is hit and miss. fish pish used to be his fave,now he just shakes his head.he'll usually take yoghurt or homemade rice pud. if he doesn't he wakes up in the night hungry,and i have to give him's a pain,but i think i remember dd going through the same.she's 3 now and will eat anything,so i'm hoping he'll turn a corner

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