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which scales do you recommend?

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eeky Sun 23-Aug-09 14:57:15

I've got a small electronic kitchen scale which is a nightmare - batteries last 5 minutes and doesn't have a high maximum weight, so constantly cutting out when I am in middle of measuring out last vital ingredient in big mixing bowl angry

Would like some manual scales so don't have to worry about batteries. I can find 2 types, those with a rotary dial (which I have heard are less accurate) and the balance type with weights (which are obv accurate but I imagine are pretty fiddly - imperial/metric weights, do they measure accurately for small quantities?)

Whichever, need some with good capacity bowl as bake in large quantities. Maybe need to keep the annoying electronic ones just for v.small measurements? Don't mind paying for quality.

shigella Sun 23-Aug-09 19:34:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bloss Sun 23-Aug-09 20:12:11

Message withdrawn

eeky Mon 24-Aug-09 02:18:47

bloss, I do reset the scales to zero when weighing multiple ingredients. What I meant was that their total weighing capacity is not sufficient, so at a usually critical stage (whether zeroed or not) they are unable to weigh any more and flash "error" at me. Only way round is to weigh things in several smaller bowls which is very annoying. Think mine are Salter too and the on/off button has a mind of it's own.

Carameli Mon 24-Aug-09 07:19:24

I have had these for nearly years now and they have been fab. Batteries last for ages and I am constantly using them.

salter scales

bloss Mon 24-Aug-09 07:45:35

Message withdrawn

Carameli Mon 24-Aug-09 14:10:00

I like the idea of a glass top, did not have that one when we got ours. Stainless steel fine but gets smeared so so easily, especially with toddlers

eeky Mon 24-Aug-09 20:00:54

mmm, both look lovely. will have to trawl t'internet and look at new ones I think. 38 weeks pg with dc2 so too tired to go round actual shops blush!

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