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Basic Pasta Sauce Recipe Needed.

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BigGobMum Thu 20-Aug-09 23:07:50

I have bought 24 tins of Napolina chopped tinned tomatoes (currently on offer at Asda 4 for £1) and I want to make a large batch of basic pasta sauce to freeze. I have googled several recipes but most dont seem to require cooking long enough to 'reduce'. I dont want the sauce to be runny (would like the consistency of 'Dolmio'). Does anyone have a tried and tested recipe that produces a thickish sauce. Thanks in advance for any help.

HolyGuacamole Thu 20-Aug-09 23:37:23

I'd just amend the recipes and cook it until it is as thick as you want it.

MsHighwater Thu 20-Aug-09 23:51:52

You could try adding chopped carrot and celery as well as onion - more bulk should make for a thicker, less runny sauce. In any case, just keep simmering until it reduces.

snice Fri 21-Aug-09 00:00:51

you could try this Jamie Oliver recipe

PuppyLoves Fri 21-Aug-09 00:03:37

I thought I had a good deal at Tesco where the tins were half price (halfprice so 49p a tin) but the Asda deal is much better - gutted I missed that.

Jamies recipe is good

BigGobMum Fri 21-Aug-09 00:14:05

Thanks ladies - the Jamie Oliver recipe sounds just the job.

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