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Which meals do you cook that you actually prefer as leftovers?

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cupofteaplease Wed 19-Aug-09 20:08:04

I often cook Nigella's red thai prawn and mango curry, but I have realised that it is always much more flavoursome the following day. I suppose an extra 24 hours allows for the flavours to infuse. Therefore, I now only cook it the day before I want to serve it.

Does anyone else have any meals that they prefer to prepare at least a day in advance?

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 19-Aug-09 20:09:50

Most casserole/curry type things tbh. Bolognese/chilli/curry/coq au vin/beef casserole thingies

brimfull Wed 19-Aug-09 20:10:27

lasagna is always better the next day-less runny

LittleMissBliss Wed 19-Aug-09 20:11:16

Curry, pasta bake, chilli, tomato sauce. and soups.

EyeballsintheSky Wed 19-Aug-09 20:11:17

Lasagne. OK when made but delish then next day. Might be just that after cooking it you feel like you've eaten it so are not as hungry.

TheArmadillo Wed 19-Aug-09 20:11:23

potato and pea curry (madhur jaffery) is also much better the next day.

As are stews/casseroles and anything that needs slow cooking.

I love cold roast meat and reheated roast potatoes with gravy.

Overmydeadbody Wed 19-Aug-09 20:11:45

roast chicken

ClaireDeLoon Wed 19-Aug-09 20:12:22

One that I founf on the BBC good food with belly pork, chorizo, smoked paprika etc it tastes so lovely after you've let it sit for a day. Tastes lovely on the day too though, just nicer if you cook it a day before.

TrinityRhino Wed 19-Aug-09 20:13:49

chilli, rice and garlic bread
always nicer for breakfast the next morning

cyanarasamba Wed 19-Aug-09 20:13:52

Homemade pizza is lovely reheated the next day - it's almost "too fresh" first time around.

WorzselMummage Wed 19-Aug-09 20:14:37

Sausages !

Hulababy Wed 19-Aug-09 20:14:48

Chilli almost always tastes nicest on second cooking.

TsarChasm Wed 19-Aug-09 20:15:48

Ooh yes isn't that true about lasagna being nicer next day? I don't even mind some things mentioned here cold either.

Leftover Christmas dinner is a favourite too.

cupofteaplease Wed 19-Aug-09 20:18:12

Eyeballs, I also agree that often after you've cooked, you don't feel as inclined to eat it!

MyCatIsABiggerBastardThanYours Wed 19-Aug-09 20:20:38

Yup - chilli for me. And cold pizza takes some beating imo.

foreverchanges Wed 19-Aug-09 20:42:50

lamb roast dinner made into bubble and squeak with homemade gravy

FritesMenthe Wed 19-Aug-09 20:44:12

chinese takeaway

CybilLiberty Wed 19-Aug-09 20:46:05


Spicy chicken fajitas

panicpants Wed 19-Aug-09 20:47:28

Chilli..we make enough to have for a proper chilli meal the first day, and then we have trashy chilli the second day.

We line a cassarole or pie dish with doritos/torttilla chips, then pour the leftover chilli on top. Loads of grated cheese on top with some crushed up tortilla chips. In the oven for half an hour, and served with crusty baguette and the rest of the bag of tortilla chips. Lovely!!

choosyfloosy Wed 19-Aug-09 20:48:22

almost anything

cold roast potatoes
apple pie

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