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What would you do with a Corabi?

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Lizzzombie Mon 17-Aug-09 21:07:09

My neighbour keeps giving me corabi's. Which are a vegetable, a sort of cross between a very big radish and a very small cabbage. (but light green & the size of a small turnip)

She suggested grating them into a salad. But apart from that I have no idea what to do with them, and I know have 5 of them in my fridge. (Her MIL has had a bumper crop!)

Any suggestions?
- I had never even heard of this vegetable before, and a quick google search has not been helpful.

Chevre Mon 17-Aug-09 21:09:51

compost bin

NotEvenTheTrees Mon 17-Aug-09 21:11:37

Kohlrabi? Tis lovely.

Lots to do with it. Makes a nice coleslaw for example.

Google. Is quite versatile.

shootfromthehip Mon 17-Aug-09 21:17:00

Bin it. Yuck- horrible stuff.

If you must eat it you can put it in a stir fry- cut the outsides off and then cut into thin strips.

I used to get them in my veg bag and I've tried everything- soup, roasting, salads etc.

envy at your neighbours giving you veg though.

Lizzzombie Mon 17-Aug-09 21:24:15

Okay - now I have the correct spelling, lots more information is coming up on google! grin

Her Polish boss boils them in milk - not sure about trying that one!!!

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