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Have I just created a new recipe? Yummy!

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anorak Fri 27-May-05 13:44:07

I mashed up a banana with a heaped teaspoon of peanut butter to make a dip for DS. Served it with slices of pear, nectarine and pita bread.

It's gorgeous! Did I invent a new treat or is this an old one that's passed me by?

mancmum Fri 27-May-05 13:45:58

I love banana and peannut butter sanwiches fried in butter.... from a nigella recipe... but never thought of it as a dip!! Nice...

NotQuiteCockney Fri 27-May-05 13:47:06

Banana and peanut butter sandwiches are normal children's food in Canada. Or at least they were when I was growing up. Very tasty combination.

(Peanut butter goes well with cream cheese, too.)

suzywong Fri 27-May-05 13:48:13

aren't those what Elvis dies of mancmum?

MarsLady Fri 27-May-05 13:48:55

Yes dear. You continue to believe that you've made up a whole new treat. Don't listen to anyone here. lol

DS1 has loved peanut butter and banana for ages.

anorak Fri 27-May-05 13:49:30

Yes we've done the elvis toasties as well. Absolutely delicious but hard to finish one cos they're so rich.

mancmum Fri 27-May-05 14:22:19

think you are right Suzywong but if you have to die, what a way to go!!

SoupDragon Fri 27-May-05 14:38:28

If you want rich, how about Peanut Butter Playdoh.

NannyL Sat 28-May-05 00:02:01

well i have spread that gorgouse concoction on my toast for years....
yes it is SOOOOOo yummy!

Blu Sat 28-May-05 00:15:02

eeeugh! sounds quite revolting And I bet it looks worse! (but I don't like PB or bananas, so take no notice of me)

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