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a girl at work told me about a japanese restraunt like macdonalds in London, she says...

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sunburntats Sun 16-Aug-09 20:25:04

They are every where...just like macdonalds.
Cant remember for the life of me what she said the name was.
do you know what i mean?

Not restraunt, like a quick cafe type thing...noodle and rice dishes etc.
like a big dining hall

bigchris Sun 16-Aug-09 20:25:43


foxinsocks Sun 16-Aug-09 20:25:55

yo sushi?

sunburntats Sun 16-Aug-09 20:27:37

thats it wagamamas......

OOOh off to London tomorrow, cant wait, wanna go there and give it a go.

EXCITED!!!!! grin

Ewe Sun 16-Aug-09 20:28:07

I think you mean Wasabi.

foxinsocks Sun 16-Aug-09 20:28:09

lol there aren't only in London, they are everywhere!

Ewe Sun 16-Aug-09 20:29:22

Poor Wagamama, think they might be a bit insulted at being likened to McD's but they are yum, yum, yum!

sunburntats Sun 16-Aug-09 20:32:35

i have never ever seen one, im from oop north and we dont have them.....

Not compared to maky d's just every where like maky d's

satonthesofa Sun 16-Aug-09 20:34:20

They have one in Newcastle.

vinblanc Sun 16-Aug-09 20:37:12

Wagamamas is not like McDonalds. It is sit down with waited tables.

What they do do that is unusual is to seat you in refectory style tables (in some restaurants), so you can be seated right next to other customers.

Other than that, they have a full menu and alcohol service. They serve you with china bowls. Nothing like Mickey Ds.

It is great and my kids love it.

ruddynorah Sun 16-Aug-09 20:39:05

there's one in leeds and one, maybe more, in manchester.

ruddynorah Sun 16-Aug-09 20:40:25

and it is not at all like McDs! the menu is full of unusual things, not like chinese take away stuff or whatever. look them up on line before you go.

sunburntats Sun 16-Aug-09 20:42:28

Just said its every where like macdonalds, NOT that food is like Macdonalds

OOh so its on its way up to us in the north, thats fab!

AM EXCITED, we bloody love London we do smilegrin

ruddynorah Sun 16-Aug-09 20:45:38

where do you live?

babyOcho Sun 16-Aug-09 20:46:45

It's probably Wasabi

sunburntats Sun 16-Aug-09 20:47:21

bloody ell, theres one in Preston...never knew that!

Im near Blackpool, we defo dont have them here.

cookielove Sun 16-Aug-09 20:48:47

erm no it has to be wagamamas because that is the best foody place ever mmmmmmmm want one now smile

vinblanc Sun 16-Aug-09 21:02:16

I agree with the suggestion about checking out the menu before you go. I have been many times, but am always a bit intimidated about what to order. It is good to have in mind what you want beforehand, to save you from always getting the boring, safe option.

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