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No baking parchment - can i use anything else???

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jellyjelly Sun 16-Aug-09 18:30:47

Am making a chocolate cake in a large deep tin. Recipe says to use baking parchment but i have run out of it.

Can i use anything else that will actually work. I really want to make the cake.

TaxiLady Sun 16-Aug-09 18:37:11

tin foil at a push
...well greased though

any butter in could steal teh wrapper if it's greaseproof-ey

you could just grease and flour the tin really really well, but i never find that works for me!

jellyjelly Sun 16-Aug-09 18:51:57

this does not have flour in it so not sure if that will make a difference.

Will the tin foil stick to the cake if i dont grease it?

slng Sun 16-Aug-09 19:15:43

I would use oiled greaseproof paper, second choice oiled tin foil, third choice grease and flour tin....

TaxiLady Sun 16-Aug-09 19:19:22

it'll be a devil to peel foil off if it's not greased!

ridingjoker Sun 16-Aug-09 19:21:00

i second slng

plus if you pass a lakeland get some of this for future emergencies.

and believe me. it ACTUALLY works. its amazing.

RubyBlueberry Sun 16-Aug-09 19:21:47

greaseproof paper is the same thing isn't it?

ilove Sun 16-Aug-09 19:23:48

No greaseproof and baking parchment are totally different!

slng Sun 16-Aug-09 19:45:42

Or get this. I have the sheet and it makes life so much easier for roasting and baking.

RubyBlueberry Sun 16-Aug-09 20:27:49

Are they?? No wonder my cakes are very sticky LOL!! And to think I did domestic science ..

gybegirl Sun 16-Aug-09 20:37:54

Melt some butter and then coat the tin with it using a pastry brush - coat upwards on the sides in the same way that the cake will rise, then put in straight in the fridge. Wait a minute then repeat. If you have any greaseproof paper then you can line the bottom of the tin with that but you have to put the butter on the top of it!

jellyjelly Mon 17-Aug-09 19:06:45

Well thanks for all the help but the cake was so gross even after cooking for hours that we couldnt eat it for all the laughing and had to sling it away.

I was so proud i made dinner and a cake, that never happens.

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