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Is there any vitamin C left in packaged baby food with a long shelf life?

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iwantitnow Sat 15-Aug-09 21:21:59

Tried my DS on a bit of an Ella's kitchen pouch as we are on hols soon so trying stuff out for when we are out and about - he hated it, very smooth even for a 6 month old. Ella's kitchen and Plum Baby all have a long shelf life, so that must have been heat treated to a very high temperature destroying the vitamin C? I just wonder how nutritious they are, notice they don't put the vit C content on their packs. They seem to be very very sweet with limited nutrition - am I wrong?

Before you suggest BLW, did that with DD she didn't really eat until she was 2, so we are doing purees this time round to save my sanity grin.

nannyL Sun 16-Aug-09 09:20:52

I couldnt agree more!

im am certain that FRESH food is so much more nutritouse.... it is also VERY quick, easy and cheep to make!
and it tastes nice, and taste like normal real food tastes like!

and even the veg ones are SOOO sweet. ewwww

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