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dd 18 mo suddenly hates milk...please help

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bhk3 Sat 15-Aug-09 19:55:08

my dd has her dinner at 6pm after which she used to have 7-8oz milk at bed time at around 8pm. now all of a sudden she hates the milk at bed times at starts crying as i give her the bottle. she somehow has 4 oz. she s recently waking up in the middle of
the night which she dint do before. i'm worried is she hungry or whats the matter why is he stopped feeding her normal intake of milk i'm also worried how can keep up the usual quantity of milk which she should have at ths age.......please help

Seona1973 Sat 15-Aug-09 19:59:05

they only need the equivalent of 350mls (about 12oz) from the age of 1 which can be quite easily made up through foods if your lo doesnt want to drink so much any more. Could you offer a small snack and/or a small cup of milk before bed and see if she accepts that any better?

nightcat Sun 16-Aug-09 16:51:33

There is a lot of literature that says that many mammals (inc humans) don't need milk beyond infancy and in some human cases ability to digest milk could disappear (enzyme lactase). Calcium can be absorbed from veg and/or small amounts of other dairy products so you can go with her like/dislike on that.
I hated milk as a child, so I never pushed it onto my ds beyond approx 18 months, and even then found out that he couldn't tolerate too much in a way of dairy (fromage, yoghourt etc). He can have some, but too much would give him constipation although others also say that it can also cause diarrhea.

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