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NotQuiteCockney Thu 26-May-05 21:54:19

I tried to make tapioca pudding today for the first time, following the recipe on the box. (Boil, then bake) It came out strange - a layer of burnt milk (shocker), then a layer of thickened milk, then a layer of tapioca. I want a smooth mix of thickened milk and tapioca. Will the microwave work better?

Anyone out there a tapioca fan?

wheresmyfroggy Thu 26-May-05 21:55:26

not me yuck frogspawn

KBear Thu 26-May-05 21:55:44

I love it but I've never made it. Other milk puddings I have made always seem better cooked in the microwave for more even cooking. I love my mum's rice pud - she puts nutmeg on the top so you get the skin all crisp. We used to fight over it when i lived at home!!!

NotQuiteCockney Fri 27-May-05 20:23:42

Thanks KBear, I think I'll do that.

And wmf: I don't know how to ask about your aversion to frogspawn without sounding rude. But thanks for sharing?

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