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dd showing preference for sweet things (16m)

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eeky Sat 15-Aug-09 08:58:33

dd (16m) has always been a fantastic eater, exbf till 6m then mixture of spoonfeeding and finger foods. Will pretty much try anything. Have noticed over the last couple of months she is showing much more preference for sweet things, and along with the usual mini- tantrums at this age, we have had a few where she refuses to eat her savoury main course but will wolf down pudding. Thinking about her food overall, wonder if I am giving her too much sweet stuff?

She generally has a weetabix with small amt fresh or stewed fruit for breakfast, with a drink of milk. Lunch usually hot savoury meal (our leftovers from previous eve or a home-made I've frozen for her - try to get fair amt veg into this), then yogurt and fruit. She loves even quite tart fruit, raspberries absolute favourite.

Doesn't eat much tea, used to to just give something like home-made rice pud or toast, but will now sometimes eat 2 courses, such as oatcakes and cheese then fruit. Beaker of milk again before bed, Water with other meals. Maybe rice cakes if needs snack.

I don't want to make food an issue, so reluctant to keep trying if she has refused lunch, but neither do I want to present her with lots of alternative choices or give her the message that refusing her "proper" meal results in sweet food. She doesn't have many puddings or cakes but is partial to a plain biscuit with bedtime milk.

Any advice? Or is this just normal and I'm fretting about nothing? Did wonder if it's to do with being fed sometimes as we are still working hard on teaching her to spoon feed herself with yougurt before we move on to much messier things...

kitkatqueen Sun 16-Aug-09 00:50:27

sounds ok to me

eeky Sun 16-Aug-09 14:35:31

thanks kitkatqueen! Reading it back now it looks ok...

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