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Please please give me some ideas for snack/lunchtime food......

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Brownhare Fri 14-Aug-09 12:52:23

My dd is 17mo and not a bad eater overall however she
has been having screaming fits everytime i approach her with a bowl of food until i manage to get a bit on her lips/in her mouth and she accepts that it's nice and will then merrily eat away. I feel awful doing this but it seems to be the only way she'll try anything.

Driving me a bit crazy so aware that mealtimes should be relaxed (at least for 1 of us!) i am trying a new approach which is snacky lunch and a proper tea. Seems to be working a bit better as by tea time i think she's properly hungry but i am running out of snack ideas.

All she wants to eat is cheese, cheese straws, the odd tomato, sweetcorn and sometimes some steamed mixed veg. Followed by pud of any description which she'll wolf down.

I have tried hummous (various flavours)/cheese on toast/pepper sticks/cucumber/quiche all met with complete disgust and a demand for more much cheese can a toddler eat?!!

So any of your tried and tested ideas would be great even if it's incorporating cheese in a different way! Thanks

BlueChampagne Fri 14-Aug-09 16:38:15

cheesy omelette (with onion/ham/peas/spinach/mushrooms/tomatoes) is popular with me & DS. Also macaroni cheese with veg.

luvaduck Fri 14-Aug-09 16:50:36

homemade fishfingers or chicken fingers (AK or gina recipe) go down a treat here, with steamed veg.
mini sandwiches.
know what you mean about the cheese thing....

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