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Why can't I make cakes?

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SPARKLER1 Thu 26-May-05 17:10:06

This week I have made a chocolate sponge cake and today I have made chocolate fairy cakes. Both have been complete disastors. My sponge cake fell to pieces when I took it out of the baking tray. My fairy cakes ended up like cookies - well crunchy on the top and stuck to the paper cases at the bottom.
What am I doing wrong??
I so want to be able to cook.

purpleturtle Thu 26-May-05 17:12:11

Is it your oven? If it's not distributing heat evenly that would make it look like you can't bake, without it actually being your fault.

fastasleep Thu 26-May-05 17:13:10

I bet turtle's right....we had that problem at my old house and my mum was great at making cakes - you can do it! Stupid oven.

cod Thu 26-May-05 17:13:33

Message withdrawn

sweetmonkey Thu 26-May-05 17:15:04

i know slightly different but i cannot for the life of me make yorkshire puds in my blokes oven (it is fan assisted), yet when i make them at mine they turn out fine, (gas)
this happens with my mate as well. she has fan assisted and cannot make them . id thought it was just me being silly you see but she has same prob.
So could well be the oven

Mo2 Thu 26-May-05 17:16:19

What did you use for butter/ margarine?
You need to use something that is at least 70g fat/100g of product.
If you use anything less, they will contain more water and this will evaporate in cooking leaving your cakes etc brittle and dry?

fastasleep Thu 26-May-05 17:17:02

If delia's recipe doesn't work then you'll know it's your oven, or try cordon bleu recipes (I have the book don't know where to get them online though)

NannyL Thu 26-May-05 21:07:12

This is a completly fail safe recipie...

Turn oven on to 180 (GM5 i think) and let it heat up

In a bowl mix
100g SR flour
100g butter (softened) i find 1 min on defrost in microwave for 100g in MY microwave
100g caster sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1/2 tsp baking powder
and 2 beaten eggs

Use an electric hand whisk or similar and beat for 2 mins (and its ALL Mixed)

Divide this mixture between 20 fairy cake cases (so u know they arnt too big or small)

and put into preheated over for 15mins (no more no less)

Get them out and let them cool.... should be purfect!

BTW my 4 year old charge can make these by HIMSELF (ecept oven bit!)

Good luck!!!

mancmum Thu 26-May-05 21:10:44

check out the temp of your oven with a thermometer -- they only cost a few quid -- if the oven is the wrong temp, even nigella would fail to make cakes!!

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