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So ..... I appear to be making SIL-to-be's wedding cupcake tower. I'm pretty chuffed, and simultaneously terrified. The 'pitch' is tomorrow - critique my ideas, please, and add a dash of inspiration.

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snigger Thu 13-Aug-09 23:19:14

So, SIL-to-be wants a cupcake wedding cake thingy, and I got pressganged while merry volunteered.

So far:

SIL has an aquamarine colour scheme for the wedding, so I thought multiple flavours with white royal icing, wrapped in aquamarine organza or tissue paper gathered around the cupcake with ribbon. Possibly 1 in 4 topped with fresh/candied flowers or icing filigree 'wafers'.

Wotcha fink?

Feeling tense about this, not a cupcake fan, but want to do my best?

PixiNanny Thu 13-Aug-09 23:24:23

Oo, a friend on my LJ did a cupcake tower for her wedding a few months back, it looked amazing in the pictures I love the idea grin

What about various coloured icing tops and a variety of different coloured cakes too? Instead of the aquamarine tissue paper with a white top maybe swap it around on half?

I really love the idea in itself though, have fun with it!

snigger Fri 14-Aug-09 12:08:57

She's calling in two hours, and I'm nicking your half aquamarine with white topping, half white with aquamarine topping idea. We could alternate layers on the cake stand.

I'm sure she'll have a shedload of ideas. As long as she doesn't ask for lovehearts on each one - my sister had that on her cake!

randomtask Fri 14-Aug-09 12:22:19

It sounds lovely. All I'd say is, keep it as simple as possible. If you're farting about making lots of different flavours, not only will it take more time but people then get picky about what they want.

Saying that, my brother made my wedding cake (traditional cake with purple and white layers with purple and white stars) and then had a chocolate and creme fraiche cake, plus lemon and almond cake as we had over 250 people to feed.

So, it probably depends on how many people the cake is for.

Enjoy it though and remember that the simple ideas are often what look the most stylish. Love the idea of half and half, plus the ideas for 'toppings'. If you're lucky your local cake shop should have nice things to put on.

Good luck!

PixiNanny Fri 14-Aug-09 20:53:46

How'd it go? Got a better idea of what you are doing now? My LJ friend asked us all to make her cupcakes and send them if we could as she was worried that she wouldn't make all of them in time grin (She did, though a few of her more local LJ friends gave her a helping hand!)

snigger Sat 15-Aug-09 20:08:16

Went well - the alternating gauze overlays with contrasting frosting went down well, she's got some other ideas too, and the end result is I'm sending down samples this week for flavour decisions.

I'm thinking rich chocolate, lemon, and red velvet as options.

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