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Meat from lidl/aldi- anyone tried this?

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notamumyetbutoneday Thu 13-Aug-09 09:41:50

Just wondered if anyone had tried Lidl or aldi's meat (specifically gammon joints and chicken drumsticks/breasts) and what the quality was like?


LoveBeingAMummy Thu 13-Aug-09 09:43:06

The chicken is fine, i've had the breast and used it for curries.

Had a problem with the steak though

AMumInScotland Thu 13-Aug-09 09:53:40

I've had gammon steaks from Lidl, they were very nice, every bit as good as ones I've had from anyplace else.

notamumyetbutoneday Thu 13-Aug-09 09:57:20

Ooh this is sounding promising. have had non-fresh items eg tins and cereals etc from there before but haven't tried the fresh stuff yet.

notyummy Thu 13-Aug-09 10:00:23

Aldi gammon joints are DELICIOUS - as are their gammon steaks.

Frozen lamb chops - not so great.

Fresh pork chops - lovely.

Their slightly more upmarket and unusual meat dishes (generally in the freezer) is LOVELY. we had ostrich steaks onthe BBQ on sunday and it was LUSH. Also their beef wellington...

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