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Lunch TODAY for 2 vegetarian adults and 2 toddlers - HELP!

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oysterpots Tue 11-Aug-09 09:14:10

SIL is bringing her 2.5 yo for a play date with my 2yo son today, I have said I'll make lunch but don't know what to make for them. We're all vegetarian.

Any ideas? For a quick lunch? Today??? Help!

Overmydeadbody Tue 11-Aug-09 09:23:51

Wraps with a variety of cheese, salad, and fruit to fill them with.

Just put it all on the table and you and SIL can assemble them with whatever the kids want inside.

Cream cheese sticks everything together, then have olives, cherry tomatoes, grapes, kidney beans, grated cheese, egg mayonaise, shredded lettuse, etc

broguemum Tue 11-Aug-09 09:24:21

Bread, cheeses, pickles, humous, pita bread, cherry tomatoes etc etc. V. easy and v. nice.

Or, falafel? Whizz up a couple of tins of chick peas (drained) with several large glugs of olive oil in a food mixer (or mash with a fork). Add finely chopped spring onion, ground cumin, coriander and cardamon and mix well. Form into balls, bake in oven for a bit, serve with pita, salads, chutneys, natural yoghurt?

Overmydeadbody Tue 11-Aug-09 09:24:53

or tinned tomato soup with lots of bread.

or cheese toasties

Or omelette or scrambled eggs on toast with beans

Overmydeadbody Tue 11-Aug-09 09:25:37

what would you usually have for lunch? Just double it.

oysterpots Tue 11-Aug-09 09:32:11

Brilliant, thanks, off to the shops to pick up some lovely things. Great ideas

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