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Saving Money On Food.

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Kayzr Tue 11-Aug-09 06:42:38

We are trying to save money on our food shopping.

Can we really save money by planning the meals for the week and making everything from scratch?

At the minute we tend to use jars for most things as we never seem to have the time to make dinner from scratch. But if it will save us money then we will do it.


oopsacoconut Tue 11-Aug-09 06:58:51

We have menu planned for the last few weeks and bought only what we need, I did it online so I didn't buy random things like doughnuts or hot bread we don't need. I cook from scratch most days anyway except for the occasional curry. I have cut our shopping for a big shop of £80ish and a number of little £10-£30 shops a week to just the 1 online shop of £75 and then 1 loaf of bread extra from the farmshop.

We have halved out shopping bill and are not wasting as much food. DH and I sit down on a Saturday and make a menu then I sort out the ingredients for each, check what we have in then order at and have it delivered from where ever is cheapest. I can often find free delivery code online too.

GreatUncleBulgaria Tue 11-Aug-09 06:59:46

Yes you will but you will need to be organized about it. There are lots of threads on here with some great tips and there is a meal planner link on the front page.

If you want to make a white sauce google Delia's all in one white sauce which is a very easy way of making it.

DLI Tue 11-Aug-09 07:00:06

We don't plan meals but have a rough idea what we are going to eat for a couple of meals during the week. We used to shop at Morrisons or Asda and buy all our food from one shop. Now we shop in different stores. We got to Aldi, Lidl,Iceland, Asda and the local butchers. We buy certain things from different shops and we have halfed our shopping bill! I still buy some brand things like soap powder and shampoo but things like beans i buy aldi's at 34p 1/2 the price of heinz and they are nicer than the supermarket cheaper brands. By going to the different shops you also get to see what things are on offer. I buy milk and bread from Asda as they are not that cheap in the other shops.

Kayzr Tue 11-Aug-09 07:15:40

We get most of our shopping online from Asda as we don't have a good supermarket here. I am going to use My Supermarket to check the prices but usually Tesco work out more expensive.

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