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Sunday lunch dilemma - fennel or cauliflower

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mrspnut Sun 09-Aug-09 10:20:09

I am a mass of indecision today and so am seeking help from fellow foodies.

Today's Sunday lunch is roast chicken and I can't decide whether to make parmesan baked fennel or cauliflower cheese as one of the accompaniments.

Whichever one I don't make today we will probably have with sausages during the week but I seem to have masses of veg at the moment and we need to eat as much of it today as we can. I'm also making runner beans, purple carrots, cabbage and perhaps broccoli too as well as roast potatoes.

Help please because I need to start prepping shortly.

bigchris Sun 09-Aug-09 10:25:54

parmesan baked fennel

bigchris Sun 09-Aug-09 10:26:43

if you've already got broccoli and cabbage I think cauliflower is too much

is this just for your family or are you having guests?

juuule Sun 09-Aug-09 10:28:07

Oooh definitely the fennel. I've not had that for ages

Think I might go out and buy some fennel for dinner.

mrspnut Sun 09-Aug-09 10:29:09

Just for our family - but we are greedy pigs and have the veg box contents to use up.

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