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healthy but filling breakfasts

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misshardbroom Sat 08-Aug-09 22:03:45

come and suggest some for me! (for me, not DCs)

thisisyesterday Sat 08-Aug-09 22:05:26


Goober Sat 08-Aug-09 22:07:06

Porridge.(1/2 water, 1/2 semi skimmed milk.)

dittany Sat 08-Aug-09 22:12:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

luckylady74 Sat 08-Aug-09 22:19:10

I have 2 slices wholemeal toast with banana inbetween.
sugar/salt free muesli with semi skimmed milk
grapes with plain cottage cheese
plain yoghurt and fruit and a spoon of muesli

misshardbroom Sat 08-Aug-09 22:46:18

Thanks for these.

If we're talking about porridge, what sort of quantity of oats?

liahgen Sat 08-Aug-09 22:47:33

home made pancakes, variety of fruit fillings

Eggy bread

Nice omellette

bruffin Sat 08-Aug-09 22:47:50

Eggs are a good breakfast

zippy539 Sat 08-Aug-09 22:51:44

Poached egg, slice of wholemeal toast, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms done in the microwave...

Boiled egg and toast.

(porridge is fab but don't know about exact quantitis because v lazily I use the individual packets of Quakers - you just empty the packet into the bowl, add the milk, into the microwave - done).

charmander Sat 08-Aug-09 22:54:00

50g porridge
30g sultantas
150ml milk.
Put in bowl night before leave in fridge/microwave overnight.
Microwave for 2 mins (800w) in the morning.

dittany Sat 08-Aug-09 22:58:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StirlingTheTired Sat 08-Aug-09 23:22:18

I do this sometimes on a Sunday...

Put a handful of quartered mushrooms in a pan with a small amount of butter and cook. When nearly done, add a handful of cherry tomatoes cut in half. Add a few twists of black pepper.

Put two pieces of brown toast on a plate, put mushroom/tomato mixture on top and then put a poached egg on the top of that.

I think it is a lovely breakfast and sort of healthy smile

aarghhelp Sun 09-Aug-09 03:49:44

My husband's fave breakfast is clafoutis e.g. here.

We usually have porridge (2 x 20g serving scoops) and toast.

An alternative is 2 poached eggs on toast.

We very, very occasionally might have a cooked breakfast with bacon, mushroom, tomatoes +/- egg.

MuffinToptheMule Sun 09-Aug-09 17:39:36

I use two and a half tablespoons of porridge oats. I also added chopped apple and raisins. So yummy.

fivecandles Mon 10-Aug-09 09:05:07

We put blueberries in 30 seconds before the porridge is finished. Yum.

OhBling Mon 10-Aug-09 09:19:47

I find one slice of wholemeal toast with baked beans (I do 2/3 of a 200g can) and a tiny sprinkling of cheese is filling and low fat.

Wholemeal toast with boiled/poached egg is good too.

I think it's more filling to have a little bit of protein and a little bit of carbohydrates rather than 2 slices of toast or a huge bowl of porridge.

Malkuth Mon 10-Aug-09 09:51:26

Protein at breakfast will fill you up more than carbs. So beans, eggs, bacon, tofu etc are all good. I also try to get in at least 2 fruit or veg as otherwise I struggle to eat enough during the day.

There is a saying that goes something along the lines of breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord, dine like a pauper as it is meant to better for your body to eat most earlier in the day.

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