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What would be the saucepans of your dreams?

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alittleteapot Fri 07-Aug-09 14:30:31

DP is about to be 40 and would like really good saucepans for his birthday - you know, the kind that will last for life, be a pleasure to use and somehow enhance the cooking experience!

We already have a couple of lovely le Creuset casserole dishes so I'm wondering whether to extend that range to saucepans, or whether some in stainless steel would be more practical in reality, or whether to get a range of non-stick pans.

Do you have dream saucepans and if so what are they? And if you don't but you know what you would have, let me know! And why!

Thank you!

meep Fri 07-Aug-09 14:44:20

we got these stainless steel le creuset - they are great and you get non-stick pans/frying pans too. They also go in the dishwasher which is a must for me.

Not cheap though - got ours as wedding presents.

poopscoop Fri 07-Aug-09 14:50:02

i think if i gave my DH saucepans for his birthday, he would whack me with them!

I put it in line with being given kitchen/household equipment for christmas!


alittleteapot Fri 07-Aug-09 16:24:33

Those look lovely meep - yes pricey but going to get family to chip in.

poopscoop - i'm all for it - something that benefits all of us but that he'll really enjoy! (he's a much better cook than me...)

cheesesarnie Fri 07-Aug-09 16:30:09

my dream saucespan would have to buy,prepare,cook a meal plus make all dc eat it then wash itself up afterwards!

englishpatient Fri 07-Aug-09 16:46:32

My thoughts exactly, cheesesarnie!

CMOTdibbler Fri 07-Aug-09 16:54:34

Stainless steel are better than Le Creuset - for a start you can actually lift them smile

We've got a set of Stellar - they were expensive, but have had them 12 years nearly, and they are as good as new. Really thick bases, so stuff doesn't catch.

PestoMonster Fri 07-Aug-09 17:12:16

DH & I really love


very good quality and don't stick

nickelbabe Fri 07-Aug-09 17:20:48

i don't know what make mine is: but the best saucepan i own has got pouring lips either side and a lid that has straining holes in (that line up with the lips): the lid is deeper than most pan lids, so it's a colander and pan at the same time (plus, it's useful when the water's boiling cos you don't have to tilt the lid to let the steam escape, just turn the lid round to line up the holes.
i'll do a quick google.....

nickelbabe Fri 07-Aug-09 17:29:24

not this one:
but it looks good.....

they're Meyer:
check this one

i think the one i've got is Sabic, which is a cheap version of the above

alittleteapot Fri 07-Aug-09 18:56:45

Thanks - all look really good. agree one with lips would be really handy

CMOT agree le creuset a bit like weightlifting!

meep Fri 07-Aug-09 19:27:20

the stainless steel le creuset are not heavy - honest!

alittleteapot Fri 07-Aug-09 20:12:22

they're very pretty too meep - whatever i go for i want them to look nice - as it's a pressie and all...

drivingmisscrazy Fri 07-Aug-09 20:38:44

oh lucky lucky dp (would be my dream present grin). It HAS to be All-Clad - I got one of these as a gift and I use it constantly. It looks good, goes in the dishwasher, heats quickly and evenly. I just love it and would like loads more....

you can see them here

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