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Tried to make broccoli soup with some woody old broccoli. It's rather bitter. What would you add?

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HuffySpice Thu 06-Aug-09 13:42:44

So far it has
Lots of spices
The broccoli

It has been simmering for 30 - 40 minutes.

It's quite tasty but a bit bitter. I've not blitzed it in the food processor.

Coconut milk?

What would you add?

Greensleeves Thu 06-Aug-09 13:43:34

splash of cream probably

and have you got any cheese?

Greensleeves Thu 06-Aug-09 13:43:51

OR some cauliflower, that would mellow it down a bit

campergirls Thu 06-Aug-09 13:50:36

def not cheese given the ginger and spices, yuck. A potato would help (better for the texture than just broc too). A courgette or two?

HuffySpice Thu 06-Aug-09 13:58:19

Hummm. I added a tin of coconut milk. It helped. The broccoli was just bitter, I think. Poo. Am reluctant to throw more ingredients at it if it's going to end up yucky soup whatever I do.

Potato not a bad thought.

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