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Gone off food!

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CarrieJ Wed 05-Aug-09 08:33:03

Hi everyone! My almost girl is 10 and half months and ever since I weaned her had been a terrific eater. I've been making pots of pureed food, like spag bol and chicken and veggies for months now and freezing them to take on out for each meal. It's been going great until this last week when she has suddenly decided she won't eat!

Wondered if there was any advice – it might be down to teething... although she's not very dribbly, she does seem to be having some pain and is jamming her fingers in the back of her mouth. I thought it might also be because we have been trying to get the food more textured (and this might be hurting her sore gums) or that warm food might be irritating her mouth if it's sore.

BUT she will eat toast (warm!)! Or any amount of bread. She'll also eat those organix finger food baby crisps and cold fruit. Could it just be a behavioural thing?!

If anyone has any ideas, would much appreciate. Would also appreciate ways to continue getting good nutrition inside her if she will only eat finger food – she's been doing so well with all the different things she's been eating in pots, I'm worried that we're now reverting to just eating bloody bread!

Thanks all.

badbadmother Wed 05-Aug-09 08:34:10

teeth....just relax and give her whatever she'll eat. Don't panic.

ruddynorah Wed 05-Aug-09 08:35:32

try giving her the food you're pureeing but don't puree it, so spag bol or chicken and veg but in solid form. same nutrition, different texture.

nroe Fri 07-Aug-09 16:42:23

I sympathise with you as my 10 and a half month daughter is going through the exact same thing. She has just got her first tooth but I'm not really sure this has anything to do with this fussy eating stage. I hope that it is just a stage - sorry I can't offer any advice - I need some too!

Squitten Sat 08-Aug-09 18:56:45

CarrieJ - can you please have a check in her nappy and make sure your LO is a girl because I think you may have my son by mistake! wink

He's IDENTICAL, same age, same weird food stuff, also ramming fingers down throat at every opportunity! He will also only eat bread and we're at our wits end trying to get him to eat anything! I'm glad others are going through the same thing as I was worrying that he was just being odd

We've upped his milk intake again while he's being difficult, just so we know he's getting nutrition from somewhere, and we're trying anything and everything we can think of to give him and if he doesn't want to eat it then fine.

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