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What is the effect of using strong (bread) flour instead of general purpose?

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HuffySpice Tue 04-Aug-09 12:20:48

I was going to make some cakes or biscuits or little doughnutty things but don't have any normal flour in. If I use bread flour instead, how will the recipe be affected?

mumof2222222222222222boys Tue 04-Aug-09 12:32:31

I would think it would be ok. But don't know for sure.

HuffySpice Tue 04-Aug-09 12:34:18

Lol. That makes two of us. I know the recipe would work, but will it make the end result tough and chewy?

Well, I'll try it and let you know.

fishie Tue 04-Aug-09 12:54:24

doughnutty things are bread. make them not biccies.

or you could try replacing 2tbs of bf with cornflour.

HuffySpice Wed 05-Aug-09 09:55:06

I made the donutty things. Bit dry. Not as melty as usual, but that may well be down to 3-yr-old dd's heavy involvement in the mixing stage. grin

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