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Melting moments - made with frothy bicarb ...What WAS that recipe??

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NotanOtter Sun 02-Aug-09 21:56:46

With a watery frothy mix added to the dry ingredients and a cherry on the top!

I loved them and about to embark on biscuit making as my next big thing!

any pointers in the right direction welcome smile

NotanOtter Sun 02-Aug-09 22:21:09


StirlingTheTired Sun 02-Aug-09 23:51:12

Recipe here

No Bicarb though!

I made these for a baking stall last xmas and they went down really well (they were half coated in chocolate though) grin

NotanOtter Mon 03-Aug-09 00:40:19

thanks so much for that!
will let you know! smile

NotanOtter Mon 03-Aug-09 13:08:39

anyone else know the frothy bicarb recipe?

MrsBadger Mon 03-Aug-09 13:11:52

mine are biscuits rather than the cake things on the link, but still no bicarb:

4oz marg
4oz sugar
5oz SR flour
1/2 beaten egg
few drops vanilla extract
porridge oats

Cream fat & sugar, beat in egg, add vanilla & flour. Roll into small balls w wet hands and coat in oats. Flatten slightly onto greased baking sheet (they spread a lot). 15-20min gas 4.

PortAndLemon Mon 03-Aug-09 13:12:59

Could it be the recipe for Anzac biscuits moments" bicarbonate&f=false here? (I originally got that page up because of the Melting Moments reference, but the Anzac biscuits recipe seems closer to what you're describing)

MrsBadger Mon 03-Aug-09 13:20:56

ooh p&L I got that hit too but didn;t bother reading on

you are very good smile

NotanOtter Mon 03-Aug-09 21:09:24

p and l you are VERY good grin i am so chuffed

that is not quite what i remember but very very close

will let you know

had sun today shock so baking not necessary !

NotanOtter Wed 05-Aug-09 21:56:05



i am over impressed! these were a DODDLE and came up like the most delicious soft bsked cookies imaginable

try them

i am a goddesss chez nous tonight! smile

thanks for recipe

poopscoop Wed 05-Aug-09 21:58:18

i always made them as a kid but rolled them in crushed cornflakes. loads of different varieties as seen on here.

NotanOtter Wed 05-Aug-09 22:06:11

ooh will try that

we did not use coconut but oatmeak was fab

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