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Any good alcoholic punch recipes?

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lilibet Sun 11-May-03 20:09:22

Pretty self explanatory really - having some friends round for lunch on Sunday and having punch was suggested in order to avoid them drinking the entire contents of my wine cellar(!!) Never made it before, does anyone have any good ideas?

doormat Sun 11-May-03 20:15:12

Good website for food.

Chinchilla Sun 11-May-03 20:28:45

Not very sophisticated, but I usually throw in a bottle of white wine, some Pimm's, some OJ, and a bottle of lemonade. Then I chuck in some chopped fruit, and Bob's your uncle! It is really tasty, fairly alcoholic and very refreshing.

meanmum Mon 12-May-03 16:45:01

I always add some Dry Ginger Ale which I think is the secret ingredient. Loads of Vodka and some fruit. You'll find if you have any left over and you freeze it the next time you drink it the fruit will be completely sozzled as they seem to keep absorbing the alcohol even in the freezer. That's the best.

chiggles Mon 12-May-03 18:56:20

Loads of white wine, loads of vodka, orange juice, pineapple juice and sliced fruit!! Lovely

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