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Using things up

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janeite Wed 29-Jul-09 14:09:41

I have half a savoy cabbage and three red peppers in the fridge. Any ideas what I could do with them please?

Also, can anybody remember that site that gives recipes for using stuff up?

OhBling Wed 29-Jul-09 14:14:12

Stir fry of some sort? If you added some onion, courgettes, etc it could be good? Bit of soy sauce/ginger/garlic?

Am feeling virtuous as DH and I are about to have day 3 where we're eating food that has not required any new purchasing - we're using up left overs and bits and pieces lying around the house.

notwavingjustironing Wed 29-Jul-09 14:27:01

here you go

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Wed 29-Jul-09 14:32:54

Fried rice with the cabbage as a side dish? lets you put in your ingredients

lizziemun Wed 29-Jul-09 14:36:26

Have you got any pots and bacon.

lizziemun Wed 29-Jul-09 14:43:34

Sorry ds needs feeding again.

I would if you have bacon and pots.

1 boil pots and cut into small cubes.

2 cook cabbage

3 fry bacon which you've cut in to pieces until brown

4 add a little more oil add cooked pots anf fry until brown and add cabbage. fry together for a few mins.

Then serve with a fried/poached egg

BonsoirAnna Wed 29-Jul-09 14:46:37

I would marinate the red peppers by first blistering them in a very hot oven, then leaving them to cool in a sealed plastic bag and then removing skins and seeds. Cut into strips, and then marinate in olive oil and garlic. Add a little chopped basil to serve.

You could make a salad with shredded savoy cabbage, grated carrot and a little shredded chicken, with a sesame based dressing (perhaps with a little lemon grass).

slug Wed 29-Jul-09 14:57:17

Once the red peppers are blistered and peeled, they can be wrapped up in cling film and frozen. they take up very little space in the freezer and are great in soups/pasta sauces/pizza toppings etc.

janeite Wed 29-Jul-09 15:06:12

Oh you wonderful people, you! have added the site to my faves, so I don't forget it again.

I think I'll blister the peppers, then either freeze, or have with pasta. Maybe a salad with the savoy? Am veggie, so bacon and chicken no good but am liking the sort of soy, ginger vibe suggested.

Thanks again.

notamumyetbutoneday Wed 29-Jul-09 15:38:02

notamumyetbutoneday Wed 29-Jul-09 15:38:23

oops sorry didn't see notwaving's link!

janeite Wed 29-Jul-09 15:40:23

Thanks anyway!

StirlingTheStrong Wed 29-Jul-09 19:28:00

Also, if you go to any of the main recipe sites like Good Food or Delicious and enter the ingredients you have into the search box then they will come up with recipes that you can use them in.


MrsWalton Wed 29-Jul-09 19:42:21

I often just google a list of whatever i have leftover in the fridge for ideas.

I have just googled red pepper savoy cabbage and there are some very nice sounding veg dishes.

janeite Wed 29-Jul-09 19:44:56

Cheers both!

Amapoleon Wed 29-Jul-09 19:45:50

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