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Another 'nice ham' thread. How long do you keep yours in the fridge?

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shinyshoes Wed 29-Jul-09 13:03:25

I let it soak over night, boiled it for a little while and roasted it on monday.

I wasn't greedy I was very very good and didn't eat the lot. grin

It has been sitting in the fridge now for 'nice ham ' sandwiches since monday. How much longer can I keep it in the fridge for before I need to freeze it, before it turns.

The same for a roast joint of beef. I cooked this sunday for dinner and haven't gotten round to eating it all. Even having the beef for tonights dinner but there will still be tons left over.

MmeLindt Wed 29-Jul-09 13:04:41

My brother is a chef and he told me that cooked meat should be eaten within three days. If I were you, I would freeze it today.

notamumyetbutoneday Wed 29-Jul-09 13:16:57

I am planning to roast a ham on sunday, have it in sandwiches then use the rest in a pie next wednesday.

So i guess 3-4 days is my short answer!

AMumInScotland Wed 29-Jul-09 13:37:53

I leave it in the fridge for a week (cook Sunday, sandwiches up till Friday), and have never had it go funny, or had any ill-effects. And I'm normally quite a cautious person about getting rid of anything the faintest bit suspicious.

FimbleHobbs Wed 29-Jul-09 13:59:45

I made Nice Ham at the weekend for the first time ever, I was so chuffed with myself, thanks mumsnet.

We kept it in the fridge until yesterday when my husband dropped it all on a dirty floor...but I was planning on about 5 days I guess so long as it looks and smells ok.

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