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Can I have your favourite (easy) BBQ suggestions?

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GrapefruitMoon Wed 29-Jul-09 09:57:40

We're going on a Keycamp type holiday in France soon and there is a gas BBQ provided so I'd like to make the most of it.

I'd like some new suggestions to expand my repertoire - ideally ones that don't have a long list of ingredients for a marinade as I don't want to have to take loads of stuff with me, so must be things that are easy to find in a local supermarket.

Would like to try some fish/shellfish as I've never BBQd that before...

word Wed 29-Jul-09 22:32:03

Quesadillas - tortillas folded in half and filled with cheese, and tomato sauce (jar or reduce a tin of tomatoes). Brush with oil and BBQ.

BBQed tuna is delicious. I tend to marinate in lime juice and coriander -no recipe as such.

Prawns on skewers of course.

Asparagus. Sliced aubergines. Hmmmmm

tkband3 Wed 29-Jul-09 22:38:12

Make your own burgers...mix mince with a chopped onion, garlic, a few herbs, a bit of chilli (if you fancy it) and mould into burger shapes. Yum, much nicer than shop-bought ones.

I did tuna for the first time recently - marinaded 2 big steaks in 3 tbps of soy sauce, 2 tsps honey and 1 tsp ground ginger...fantastic.

You can get some great spice/herb mixes now. Sainsburys do a great Moroccan one which is lovely on chicken and lamb and would be good on fish too.

Amapoleon Wed 29-Jul-09 22:44:30

Buy burgers from the butcher, put a blob of blue cheese in the middle and roll into a ball, bung on bbq.

Slice a courgette lengthways, stuff with goats cheese and raisins, blue cheese and walnuts, whatever takes your fancy really. Close back together and brush with a little olive oil. Wrap in foil and bung directly on the coals.

Buy fresh prawns, bung on a skewer and bung on bbq.

The french do lovely sausages and black pudding.

GrapefruitMoon Thu 30-Jul-09 07:36:53

Some great suggestions there - thanks! One problem I found last year was that mince didn't taste as good as here when making burgers. Don't know what they do that's different....

MadameCastafiore Thu 30-Jul-09 07:53:04

Have halloumi - is the scrummiest part of any BBQ for me.

Scallops and prawns threaded on skewer marinaded in olive oil, lemon rind and garlic are yummy.

GrapefruitMoon Thu 30-Jul-09 08:31:21

Yes we love haloumi - wonder how easy it is to get in France - or is there a French cheese that works as well?

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