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I know it's been done before but humour me - low-salt stock cubes

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I made my 21mo dd risotto the other day for the first time, with a Knorr stock cube. I thought it was way too salty even for my taste - I hardly ever put salt in cooking now because of dd so I really notice it when it's there - and dd just spat it out. I've noticed other threads mention kallo stock cubes but from what I've read they're not really any lower in salt. Do they actually taste less salty? Or are there any other suggestions as to how to make risotto without stock cubes? (Note I can't be bothered making my own veggie stock unless somebody persuades me it's really quick and easy...)

spicemonster Tue 28-Jul-09 06:51:26

Marigold low-salt is what I use - it comes in a tub rather than cubes. And it really does taste less salty

Seona1973 Tue 28-Jul-09 07:48:36

Kallo organic low salt vegetable stock cubes have no added salt. Boots also do low salt stock cubes in the baby food section. Kallo apparently do a beef and chicken version of the low salt cubes but havent seen them yet.

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