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Ocado - the shelves are empty. Anyone know why?

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Pennies Mon 27-Jul-09 20:16:37

Trying to do an ocado order and half the stuff is out of stock. What's going on there? Anyone know what the problem is, or is this going on with all online food orders from supermarkets at the moment. Or am I just buying incredibly popular food?

Ripeberry Mon 27-Jul-09 20:18:33

Hope they are not going bust sad

SlartyBartFast Mon 27-Jul-09 20:19:23

i havent been to waitrose for ages

bellavita Mon 27-Jul-09 20:21:46

It's because it is all in my basket for my shop on Thursday!

PrincessToadstool Mon 27-Jul-09 20:22:35

What is out of stock? They seem to have continual problems with dried pasta.

VinegarTits Mon 27-Jul-09 20:23:07

Have they been bought out by Chavsda?

jkklpu Mon 27-Jul-09 20:23:15

Are lots of people doing pre-UK holiday shops to drive off with, perhaps? ALways depends very much what day your order is for: if it's a Fri-Saturday, there are always more gaps than early in the week.

Hulababy Mon 27-Jul-09 20:23:38

I did an order, for delivery in a fortnight afte rmy holiday and had no problems. Everything I wanted was in stock at time of ordering.

bellavita Mon 27-Jul-09 20:24:16

Hey Vt - I thought that too. Could be renamed Twasda.

Sycamoretreeisvile Mon 27-Jul-09 20:24:59

I know, tell me about it.

Never, ever any conchigliette. It's very fucking irritating. My kids won't eat the straight stuff.

My mother says I have spoilt them with my West London ways.

Pennies Mon 27-Jul-09 20:26:47

Loads of fruit and veg isn't there, lots of their own brand sliced brown bread, quite a lot of dairy stuff. All categories seem on low stocks.

BitOfFun Mon 27-Jul-09 20:27:40

Have Dale Winton's mob been in on a trolley dash?

bellavita Mon 27-Jul-09 20:27:40

Syc - you are a bit posh!

Pennies Mon 27-Jul-09 20:28:17

bellavita - were you hungry when you placed your order then? wink

Pennies Mon 27-Jul-09 20:29:02

Syc, face it. Your mum's right.

bellavita Mon 27-Jul-09 20:30:40

Err, just a bit Pennies! grin

FlamongoBongo Mon 27-Jul-09 20:31:21

No bog roll for me sad

RumourOfAHurricane Mon 27-Jul-09 20:32:13

Message withdrawn

RumourOfAHurricane Mon 27-Jul-09 20:32:42

Message withdrawn

wellyjobble Mon 27-Jul-09 20:33:17

probably because I've just done a shop

RumourOfAHurricane Mon 27-Jul-09 20:33:26

Message withdrawn

wellyjobble Mon 27-Jul-09 20:33:36


RumourOfAHurricane Mon 27-Jul-09 20:34:11

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Mon 27-Jul-09 20:34:33

Have just logged in to do a pretend shop for tomorrow; everything seems to be in stock no problem. This is the warehouse in Leeds I think.

bellavita Mon 27-Jul-09 20:35:20

Like a bit of Bow Wow Wow do ya Shiney?

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