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Lunch ideas please!

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sazzerbear Sun 26-Jul-09 19:01:14

Invited friend and her 5 yo plus 2.5 yo for lunch, there will also be me and my 2 yo. I have no inspiration today so need ideas - don't want to cook loads of different things, what's quick, easy and impressive? TIA grin

cocolepew Sun 26-Jul-09 19:07:16

Pot Noodles, you can't beat the spicy curry one.

< coco wonders why she has no friends>

sazzerbear Sun 26-Jul-09 19:10:11

good thinking! grin

cocolepew Sun 26-Jul-09 19:12:19


sazzerbear Sun 26-Jul-09 19:25:09


thighsmadeofcheddar Sun 26-Jul-09 19:29:13

Roast chicken, nice bread and salad bits.

Lasagne with salad and garlic bread

Cold meats, potato salad

sazzerbear Sun 26-Jul-09 19:45:00

chicken - of course! Thanks thighs!

Rindercella Sun 26-Jul-09 19:53:31

Spaghetti carbonara. Dead easy.

Boil salted water. Add spaghetti. Whilst pasta is cooking, fry some chopped up bacon. Beat 3 or 4 eggs with a load of grated parmesan. Once pasta is cooked, drain and stir in bacon and the egg & cheese mixture. Do not return to hob - the heat of the pasta will cook the egg through. Serve with a green salad & garlic bread. Yummy grin

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