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rye bread

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pointydog Fri 24-Jul-09 23:27:31

I made rye bread today and it was a fucking disaster. Inedible. Didn't seem to cook properly, stodgy and horrid in the middle. Where did I go wrong? Water, kneading, rising?

moondog Sat 25-Jul-09 06:32:41

I'm not a great or frequent bread maker but rye bread pretty heavy going at the best of times.A slower rise? Less flour?

frans Sat 25-Jul-09 07:08:13

I can't get it right. Only vaguely acceptable version I've found is something like 25% rye flour, 50% wholemeal flour and 25% white flour in the breadmaker. Hardly authentic though!

slng Sat 25-Jul-09 08:07:06

I did a sweet rye bread once and it was like a brick. DS2 loved it though and kept asking for the "black hard bread" ... Will look up my recipe when stop being in a huff with DS1 ...

slng Sat 25-Jul-09 08:37:51

OK - having only made rye bread once this is what I understand: you have to leave it to rise for a LONG time, 5 hours, my recipe says. Kneading seems to be minimal. Also have to leave it a day or two before slicing. Also my recipes call for fine rye flour. I sieved mine.

pointydog Sat 25-Jul-09 19:57:21

I bought special flour for this loaf, Heatherslaw rye flour, because I really like a rye loaf I buy in tesco.

The (Heatherslaw) recipe said to leave to rise at room temperature for an hour or so. 5 hours - wow. Must admit, it didn't rise much. And yes, it did say minimal kneading.

Ach, I won't bother to make it again.

slng Sun 26-Jul-09 10:13:49

Oh no! Don't give up! My recipe also requires Did you leave it a day or so before slicing? What will you do with the rest of the flour? I made gingerbread with it.

pointydog Sun 26-Jul-09 10:45:15

really - leave a day or two before slicing? I chucked it in the bin. It's gone. It's outta my life.

I only bought a 500g bag of flour so I used it all for the loaf. No more rye. Think I'll stick with flatbreads.

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