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how long can i keep purreed food in the freezer for?

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misdee Sun 22-May-05 15:28:37

dd3 wont be weaned for aother 3months. however i have loads of carrots, swede etc in my fridge this week as i forgot about abel and cole delivery. can i freeze some stuff now for 3months time? or will it be off?

misdee Sun 22-May-05 16:02:08


suzywong Sun 22-May-05 16:05:13

wouldn't leave it longer than 3 months so the answer is no

misdee Sun 22-May-05 20:33:16

damn, looks like i'm eating carrots every night for the next few days.

SenoraPostrophe Sun 22-May-05 20:34:33

depends what it is - I would feed my dd veg that has been frozen for up to about 6 months, less for things like fish.

Mind you, it has not been an issue much in our house as i can't cook the stuff fast enough.

SenoraPostrophe Sun 22-May-05 20:35:36

carrot and swede soup is nice.

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