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pork steak ,oven ? and for how long and temp ?

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candyfluff Fri 24-Jul-09 15:13:34

didnt fancy frying them so can i put them in the oven ?

sweetnitanitro Fri 24-Jul-09 15:22:43

Yes you can. DH makes his very own shake and bake recipe so I just asked him. He says do them for about 25 mins on GM 5 or 6 but he seems a bit vague so please don't sue us if you get food poisoning grin. They usually turn out perfectly and I'm still alive!

candyfluff Fri 24-Jul-09 15:23:55

thanks ,not on gas so not sure what temp im geussing around 180 ?

sweetnitanitro Fri 24-Jul-09 15:38:52

I think it's 190-200, there are loads of conversion websites if you have a google.

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