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What does beanaise (sp??) go with

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BlueKangerooWonders Thu 23-Jul-09 17:35:03

I've got a jar (but can't think why!) and having never tasted it, let alone made it, I have no idea what it'll go with. Meat? Fish? Baked beans?! Don't want to open the jar (it's Maille - any good?) until I have the MN verdict. Thanks

thighsmadeofcheddar Thu 23-Jul-09 17:36:04

Steak. Steak. Steak. Delicious.


KembleTwins Thu 23-Jul-09 17:36:14

Steak. Yum!

Owls Thu 23-Jul-09 17:37:08

Agree, steak!

BlueKangerooWonders Thu 23-Jul-09 17:55:54

Right, off to get steak tomorrow! Thanks all.

BonsoirAnna Thu 23-Jul-09 17:57:40

Nothing! It's a 1970s sort of sauce that does nothing any favours.

It ought to be made fresh, anyway. If you were having a 1970s themed evening smile. You could have a cheese fondue and lemon meringue pie either side of your steak and béarnaise wink.

BlueKangerooWonders Thu 23-Jul-09 18:45:03

fondu, steak and lemon meringue - now THAT sounds like the way to dh's heart!

<have honestly never understood food 'fashion' and am happy nay proud to be unfashionable>

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