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How many people will this serve?

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Flower3545 Thu 23-Jul-09 16:47:32

I have a pack of fresh egg spaghetti which contains 500 grams.

How many people will it serve well. I've got 4 for dinner so will it be enough or should I open a packet of spaghetti?

I'm slightly blush that I've never cooked fresh spaghetti before.

SlartyBartFast Thu 23-Jul-09 16:48:10

yes that shoudl do 4 easily. smile

Flower3545 Thu 23-Jul-09 16:51:18

oh thank you you're a starsmile

Will we be able to tell the difference between it and the dried packet stuff do you think?

SlartyBartFast Thu 23-Jul-09 16:52:37

it is yummy delicious smile

Flower3545 Thu 23-Jul-09 16:54:34

mouth watering nowwink

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