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Healthy, Tasty ideas wanted for sweet Potatoe please....

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crazylovelifelady Thu 23-Jul-09 14:15:20

The only thing I ever make with sweet potatoe is mashing it with normal mash. It is very tasty but I'm sure there are millions of other things I cud dom with it.

Hoping for something easy to cook and tasty. wink

Lifeinagoldfishbowl Thu 23-Jul-09 14:16:25

I do sweet potato jaket potato with a variety of fillings, put it in mash, also put it in a curry.

AddictedtoCrunchies Thu 23-Jul-09 14:17:52

Cut them into wedges, put on a lightly oiled baking sheet. Season and sprinkle on some chilli flakes and then squirt with Fry Light. Bake for 20 mins or so.

Serve with cooling dip. Mix Quark (cream cheese) and plain fromage frais. Add juice of one lemon and some chives. Mix up and dunk. Gorgeous.

Ceebee74 Thu 23-Jul-09 14:17:59

Cut the potato into wedges and toss in a little olive oil and black pepper and bake in the oven for about 45 mins - they go all caramelly and yummy.

Can serve with anything but also nice as a snack dipped in philly cheese (my 8mo loves these!!)

crazylovelifelady Thu 23-Jul-09 14:26:33

Thanks for the ideas, I think I will try the wedges idea.

What fillings go well with sweet potatoe jacket potatoe?

Sunshinemummy Thu 23-Jul-09 14:39:22

The wedges are nice with paprika sprinkled on.

Lovely in a veggie curry.

crazylovelifelady Thu 23-Jul-09 14:56:32

do you part boil the wedges first? or just put straight in the oven?

Ceebee74 Thu 23-Jul-09 15:01:17

Straight in the oven - no need to parboil them.

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