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What can I cook for my MIL tonight?

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Pinkjenny Thu 23-Jul-09 09:42:58

My own mum usually looks after dd on a Thursday and Friday, but she is on holiday, so MIL is staying overnight tonight to look after dd.

Dh and I eat lots of pasta meals, but MIL only likes very plain food. When we go to her house, she generally cooks a joint, with accompanying vegetables.

I do not really have time to cook a joint, so what can I buy at the supermarket today that I can cook tonight when I get in from work.

I realise this is quite a vague brief. She doesn't like any 'foreign' food. hmm

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Thu 23-Jul-09 09:44:40

Sausages and mash, pie and mash, chicken wings/thighs/drumsticks with new potatoes, pork/lamb chops, roast new potatoes (they cook quickly) and vegetables.

thighsmadeofcheddar Thu 23-Jul-09 09:44:55

Chicken pieces roasted in the oven with some rosemary, steamed baby potatoes and veg or salad?

Pinkjenny Thu 23-Jul-09 09:56:54

Good, good. Obviously as I am her only DIL that works, I want her to see how totally capable I am of MNing working all day and then coming home and whipping up a nutritious meal for my family grin

notamumyetbutoneday Thu 23-Jul-09 13:08:21

My PIls are exactly the same. Last time they came I did chicken breast stuffed with sausage (sausage skin removed), sundried tomato and basil and roasted in the oven, with roasted baby pots and veg. It went down really well.

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