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HuffwardlyRouge Wed 22-Jul-09 18:54:15

I cook a mean mexical meal but it is always let down by the bought tortillas.

Does anyone make their own?

Or are there good ones to buy?

Maybe I just don't like tortillas?

misshardbroom Wed 22-Jul-09 23:45:12

Hello Huffwardly smile.

I've never made my own although I've toyed with the idea, being lucky enough to have a nearby shop that sells the right sort of flour.

IMHO, the key is not to have tortillas that are too big. There's nothing worse than having eaten all the good bit and then being left with about 14 layers of folded tortilla. Like eating a napkin.

SomeGuy Thu 23-Jul-09 20:32:18

These guys:

Have great tortillas.

I saw them discussing tortilla quality with their suppliers. Maybe you could ask them.....

Catitainahatita Fri 24-Jul-09 04:20:31

The best thing is to make our own. You need to get maize flour (a good exotic food shop should stock it). When I was in Scotland I always went to a Mexican stockists just above the Royal Mile. They also sold tortilla presses which makes the whole process so much easier. But I digress.

You just add water and you're away. Make then thin and small and make sure your griddle pan is VERY VERY hot before starting. Experts use their fingers to flip them, but I recommend using a spatula for the first few times wlse you'll end up with burnt fingers.

Maize tortillas are the real deal. The flour ones are really a Tex-Mex invention, like most of the stuff that passes for Mexican food in the UK and the US.

But I digress again.

You will like proper tortillas. Packet ones in UK supermarkets bear no ressemblance to the real thing. It's like comparing Tesco value bread to a nice home baked loaf.

Catitainahatita Fri 24-Jul-09 04:21:22

The Mexican shop was in Edinburgh, I meant to say. It was a four-hour round trip but worth every second.

pseudoname Fri 24-Jul-09 06:02:10

I make my own maize tortillas and my own wheat flour ones. <smug>

and I turn them with just my fingers. <double smug>

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