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Grandson has survived the night so I suppose I'd better give him brekkie as a reward

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lemonice Sat 21-May-05 08:18:00

strawberry yogurt or shreddies, what do you think?

starshaker Sat 21-May-05 08:21:10

go for both

lemonice Sat 21-May-05 08:24:42

I thought so myself no harm in pudding at breakfast is there

lemonice Sat 21-May-05 09:31:08

breakfast done, can i put him back in his cot or do i have to get him dressed

purpleturtle Sat 21-May-05 09:31:35

sit in front of the tv for a bit

purpleturtle Sat 21-May-05 09:32:04

9.30 is way too early for kids to be dressed on a weekend

lemonice Sat 21-May-05 09:34:56

guess i don't have to get dressed either - now what to watch on tv have so far been watching news 24

purpleturtle Sat 21-May-05 09:39:41

I find CBeebies entertains mine for hours while I chat on MN

lemonice Sat 21-May-05 09:44:03

will he get throttled by his nappy if i don't change it and he came with very few accessories do i need to wash his beaker before using it again 9just had milk in last night nothing too poisonous

Spoo Sat 21-May-05 09:56:19

I would change hi snappy if he has been in it all night and wash his beaker - as milk goes off very quickly.

mckenzie Sat 21-May-05 10:22:56

you're scaring me lemonice! my ds is going to stay with his grandad for the first time tonight.

lemonice Sat 21-May-05 10:40:57

my top tips for him are

get a few bevvies in, open the malt he's been saving or that nice bottle of wine and share with dgs (this will save him washing receptacles in the morning as alcohol is steriliser) also means no need to feed as will kill his appetite and send him to sleep

however if he doesn't drop of as quickly as you'd like

kids love shaving think it's very funny so stick him in the bath with a lovely foamy beard and a razor

don't have him anywhere near overnight (suitable location shed for example)

if he wakes up in the morning on no account take any notice of him as this will lead to bad habits

lemonice Sat 21-May-05 10:45:24

Mckenzie my dear I forgot don't give his grandad any means of contacting you in case he takes advantage of it (this is dds top tip)

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