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Quantities for BBQ/Party?

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notamumyetbutoneday Mon 20-Jul-09 08:48:06

Hi all

We are having a bbq in a few weeks for approx 20 people (adults, no children yet I dont think) and I am really struggling to work out quantities of food. its our first bbq, so we are planning on keeping it simple with burgers, sausages and chicken drumsticks or kebabs. Plus potato salad, pasta salad and green salad. But I'm really struggling to work out how much per person, eg how many sausages or burgers we will need. Does anyone have any tips please or advice on how to work it out? I'm really worried we will either run out completely or be drowning in leftovers for days afterward!


thereistheball Mon 20-Jul-09 10:13:29

First I'd recommend doing kebabs instead of drumsticks. They are much easier to cook through because you can cut everything to the same size (though you can start drumsticks off in the oven first if you really want to have them). Also you can do veggie kebabs with halloumi which are delicious - otherwise there is nothing veggie in your menu apart from the salads.

Re quantities I'd say do one of everything for everyone, and bung in some extra for good measure. I think I heard on MN that crowds eat less per person than smaller groups - not sure why that would be but if true you can always freeze unopened packs of sausages and burgers (or freeze them individually if you are making them yourself - really handy to have around actually). That said, my experience of BBQs is that, because the food is served over quite a long period of time, people get a second wind / need something to mop up the booze, so I'd over- rather than under-cater.

The point about food being served over time reminds me that you should avoid dressing salads if you can, or they will be gross after a few hours. Leave vinaigrette on the side, and mayo, and let people do it themselves. Pesto on a pasta salad is the exception to this. It is also, imho, the only acceptable pasta salad - bung in lots of cherry tomatoes, some fresh shreds of mozzarella, some fresh basil, and maybe some fried courgettes. Kids love this too.

Hope you have a great time!

notamumyetbutoneday Wed 22-Jul-09 08:34:38

Thanks thereistheball, I was planning to pre-cook the drumsticks in the oven to save time (and salmonella worries!). I think veg kebabs is a really good idea. AFAIK we don't have any vegetarians coming but I could see them going down well anyway.

I definitely agree about over-catering, I would be so mortified if there wasn't enough food. As you say I can always freeze fresh sausages, burgers etc.

Just need to try and decide how many/much of everything before we go shopping!

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