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Favourite potato recipes please

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RacingSnake Sun 19-Jul-09 22:56:54

DH has been harvesting in the polytunnel and has brought home several sacks of potatoes and a washing basket full of broken/ stabbed potatoes which need using up quickly.

Tonight we had potato dumplings in lamb stew, last night we had fried potatoes with fish - has anyone got any favourite recipies to use up the glut? Preferably high potato content ones.

gigglewitch Sun 19-Jul-09 23:02:55

1 - potato cakes grin yummmmm - delish with bacon. Can make a heap and then freeze them too.

2 - fish pie!! - can also be frozen.

3 - why not boil a heap of urgently-to-be-used ones and freeze or donate them to family/friends?

OK, I am sounding like the freezer queen grin. But we end up with a ton of fruit and veg at one time of the year, and like you we have to figure out how best to use or preserve, pretty quick smile

RacingSnake Sun 19-Jul-09 23:17:20

Didn't know you could freeze potato cakes. Freezer nearly full so not allowing any shopping for fresh ingredients!

StirlingTheStrong Sun 19-Jul-09 23:28:21

If you have a roast then Boulangere potatoes are lovely - cook the roast above them so they soak up the juices.

Or, if you feel like larding up a bit then make Dauphinoise Potatoes - not very summery but gorgeous smile

RacingSnake Mon 20-Jul-09 21:39:49

Mmm. Like the idea of boulangere potatoes. smile I like the idea of Dauphinoise, as well, but I could end up rolling along!

StirlingTheStrong Mon 20-Jul-09 22:29:05

I know what you mean wink

I just love Dauphinoise but know that Boulangere potatoes are better for you (and I have a dd allergic to dairy!!)

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Mon 20-Jul-09 22:32:48

ALL potato recipes. I LOVE potatoes.

Dauphinoise Potatoes, probably my favourite.

or simple mash with a ton of butter and a little cream, really really creamy.

Or if I am sick, cheese and totty pie as my mother called it. Basically cheesy mash mixed with fried onions, put in the oven for a bit for cheese to really really melt. Heaven with a sore throat as a kid. it cannot be lumpy at all though. So now DH has to go buy it from sainsburys and add extra cheese to it grin

lizziemun Mon 20-Jul-09 22:37:48

I do Pan Haggerty or

Left over pots quarted.
left over Cabbage.
6 rashers of Bacon chopped into 4/5 slices.
A little Oil.

Fry bacon until crispy in a little oil.
Add Pots fry until crisy and brown
Add cabbage cook until heated through.

Top with fried/poach egg.

StirlingTheStrong Mon 20-Jul-09 22:42:56

That sounds gorgeous lizziemun

I love potatoes!!

lizziemun Mon 20-Jul-09 22:46:11

I have receipe somewhere for potato pastry. I look for it tommorrow.

TsarChasm Mon 20-Jul-09 22:50:01

Potato Recipes here

I saved this the other day; it was an ad-link at the top of the mumsnet pages smile.

lizziemun Mon 20-Jul-09 22:50:03

You should fine this useful grin.

TrillianAstra Mon 20-Jul-09 23:01:46

Spanish omlette: cut up potatoes small, enough to fill the frying pan of choice. Boil them for 15 minutes (some recipes say to fry them but it takes forever, do it this way insteead!). Meanwhile fry onion in the chosen frying pan, along with anything else you might want to put in it (traditionally just onion and potato, but red pepper or chorizo are good). Drain potatoes. Put potatoes and (now fried) onion and other stuff back into the saucepan, and stir in beaten egg. Stir vigorously, return to frying pan and fry until done. You might need to put it under the grill to set the top. The diea is to have a potato cake held together with egg, not an eggy omlette as such.

Very nice cold for lunch.

RacingSnake Thu 23-Jul-09 18:40:33

Ah, yes, had forgotten the potato council! Recipes are fantastic - may run out of potatoes if they keep coming in at this rate.

georgiemum Thu 23-Jul-09 18:49:06


cocolepew Thu 23-Jul-09 18:59:15


notevenamousie Thu 23-Jul-09 19:05:59

Have you ever made rosti? I cook it with a bit of bacon and cheese, but you can use onion, veg either steamed, roasted, etc, or just as they are, and serve with salad or peas.

Boil potatoes peeld but whole (or as close to whole as poss) for exactly 5 minutes.
Rinse under lots of cold water.
Grate with a coarse grater.
Season generously and miz with added ingredients.

Fry in generous flattened spoonfuls (I keep the cooked ones warm in the oven) and serve hot.

IsItMeOr Thu 23-Jul-09 19:52:13

Thinly slice loads of potatoes (can parboil them first if you want), layer them with sliced onion, chopped up bacon and grated cheese. Beat egg with a bit of milk and pour over. Grated cheese on top. Bake in oven until soft and yummy.

Was a student favourite of mine! Can add single cream if you're feeling indulgent.

plantsitter Thu 23-Jul-09 20:04:11

Nice brunchy thing which I call Ranch Potatoes but I think that is something else really:

Chop potatoes into 2cmish cubes. Get wok and begin to fry them on a high heat in quite a lot of oil.

Meanwhile chop an onion or 2. When potatoes are brown on outside, turn down heat and add onions.

Cook for a bit. When onions soft/brown, add 1 tin of tomatoes, generous slug of balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and dried chilli/tabasco/harissa or similar.

Simmer until potatoes are soft and sauce is sticky. Serve with cheesy scrambled egg or an omelette and spinach.

All measurements are approx- add more tomatoes if you like.

RacingSnake Thu 23-Jul-09 20:53:15

Never heard of the ranch potatoes. Must try that. Also never tried rosti - always thought that they would have 2 million calories the way they make them on TV. Yours sound much better. All sound mmm

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