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Fresh coconut - any ideas?

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feetheart Sun 19-Jul-09 15:36:38

Acquired one at the pre-school fete yesterday (coconut shy had about 30 left!). Have split it, got the water out and most of the flesh - now need recipe ideas please smile

ChopsTheDuck Mon 20-Jul-09 16:43:12

I use it in curries. It is lovely mixed in with a dhal, or make something like okra with coconut. It freezes well too.

feetheart Tue 21-Jul-09 07:13:40

Ah, freezes well, that's good to hear as I am all out of inspiration and time this week but really want to use it - thrifty boarding on skinflint me grin


ChopsTheDuck Tue 21-Jul-09 07:24:36

blend it first, it will come out looking like it's grated. then it's easy to hack off bits when you want to use it.

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