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what can I cook in a villa in France next week

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bumposaurus Fri 17-Jul-09 12:44:32

W3 are heading off to Provence tomorrow (me and DS's 1,2 and 3) and would be really grateful for your suggestions for yummy simple things I can cook in the evening which they will actually eat up and which will not be overtaxing in the cooking department (and mean I spend my precious rose drinking time in the kitchen!)

DLI Fri 17-Jul-09 15:45:09

pasta with a jar or ragu (or equivilent)filled out with onions, mushrooms, chopped fresh tomatoes, ham and grated cheese. My son loves this and its so simple, lightly fry your veg in a wok while pasta cooking, mix the sauce into the pasta and throw your veg and ham in. stir all up and dish. serve with garlic bread and/or salad. (cld always vary what you put in the pasta)

jacket potatoes with fillings and salad.

potato wedges - chop up potatoes, throw in a tray, cover with oil and herbs, put in the oven. you could buy a roast chicken from the shop (already cooked) and serve cold with the wedges, again you could add salad if you wanted.

we sometimes buy a pizza from the local takeaway when we are on hols and eat it at our villa/apartment

OhBling Fri 17-Jul-09 15:50:00

DLI - please don't take this the wrong way but... please dont do those suggestions. All are brilliant easy supper suggestions but...

you're in France, in summer, you must be able to do more than that?

Will DSx3 eat simple things like great french bread with a selection of cheese and salad? Or buy local made pates and chutneys.

If you can get good tomatos (stupid comment? ), roast them and serve them with pasta or couscous.

Buy cured sausages and either just serve it sliced with bread, or cook them with fresh/tinned tomotoes and put on pasta.

Casseroles with local wine would be lovely too - chicken drumsticks with onions (buy little ones and peel to reduce choping time), mushrooms, fresh herbs and wine would be delicious, and easy.

thighsmadeofcheddar Fri 17-Jul-09 15:53:12

Look for the french food markets, last year we bought delicious breads and rotisserie chickens, and lots of salad bits.
Also, maybe your villa has a bbq, we did alot of bbqs.

I love the french supermarkets, the food and wine is lush.

DLI Fri 17-Jul-09 15:59:50

i would stick to things you know your ds 1,2,3 will eat - you don't want to spend time cooking a meal that they wont eat! you can always add "french things" as extra's/side dishes that way if they don't like it at least there is something they do like.

i agree with thighsmadeofcheddar french food markets are the best place to look. i can spend hours looking round markets when on holiday, they are sooo much better than here in England most of the time.

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