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10-minute dinners

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JimmyMcNulty Thu 16-Jul-09 19:44:32

Not counting ready meals!

Am on my own this eve and currently have a saucepan of pasta on, plus stir-frying a frying pan with broccoli and sugar snap peas in it, and some peanuts I found in the cupboard, which I'll bung together with some pesto and cheese. I know this may sound utterly uninspired but it's a dinner I have so often - I almost always fancy it, it's very moreish and takes no more than the time it takes to cook the pasta, with precisely no effort.

Just wondered if others have similarly quick and easy dinners that I could use to expand my repertoire?

scienceteacher Thu 16-Jul-09 19:49:37

My quickest recipe is pasta carbonara. It takes about one minute longer than it takes for the pasta to cook.

Cook the pasta,
Fry up some lardons, pancetta or bacon bits. Add cream and let it reduce a little.

Mix parmesan cheese with an egg to form a paste.

When the pasta is ready, drain. Add the egg mixture, and then the bacon mixture and give it a good stir.

Easy peasy, although not something for weight watchers.

janeite Thu 16-Jul-09 19:51:54

Omelette, with salad and roasted asparagus.

Qaesaillas and salsa.

Pasta with a sauce made from fried onions, mushrooms and garlic and a tub of Boursin or garlic Philly.

plusonemore Thu 16-Jul-09 19:52:27

bit similar to yours
pasta on
fry chopped up shallots/bacon/tomatoes/whatever, then add a blended mix of basil and pine nuts and olive oil (DH doesnt do cheese) and combine. Yum

OhBling Fri 17-Jul-09 15:58:05

heat olive oil with clove of garlic, chilli flakes and lemon zest then pour over spaghetti.

To up the nutritional content, I sometimes fry some courgettes in there.

Or my easy "cheat" is fry bacon bits (and chopped onion if feeling energetic). Pour over pasta and splash some milk on top. Total cheat but edible.

lizziemun Fri 17-Jul-09 18:21:45

If you have left over pots and cabbage from the day before.

I cut up some bacon and fry in a little oil until brown add the chopped pots fry until crispy then add a cabbage and fry together for a couple of mins until everything is hot.

You can top with a fried/poached egg on top.

JimmyMcNulty Fri 17-Jul-09 20:09:40

Great ideas, thanks! Like the cabbage one - we often get one in the vegbox and there's only so much coleslaw I can eat...

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